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What We Do (and why)

Taking care of you for life.

If you are an adult, we would be pleased to serve as your primary care provider by bringing  an internal medicine perspective to the optimization of your health.  Our offices were thoughtfully designed to look and feel nothing like a standard medical clinic, because we believe the best healthcare starts with establishing comfort.  The foundation of effective primary care is maintaining wellness, so all of our patients have a customized plan of care that ensures they receive exactly the right mix of all the evidence-based screening and preventative services that modern medicine has to offer. Beyond that, we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of virtually all acute and chronic medical illnesses, whether they are diagnosed or undefined, including concerns that span the spectrum from routinely straightforward to truly baffling.  We ask questions and listen to the answers; we perform physical examinations; we take detailed notes; when necessary, we order tests (many of which are performed in our office), and we order treatments.  We offer the security of quick visits when our patients need focused care on short notice (subject to availability, which we are continuously improving).  We also offer the incredible flexibility and convenience of visits by telemedicine (whenever permitted by the insurance plan).  Our particular expertise lies in helping our patients navigate the healthcare system by selecting the most promising resources and integrating them in the pursuit of their health.  When needed, we consult with other providers of all types to seek expertise.  Most importantly, we follow-up with our patients regularly over time to check in on them and recalibrate our plans in response to changes in their health and their goals.   When an established patient is hospitalized locally, Green Primary Care will gladly serve as their attending provider whenever possible, bringing continuity and familiarity to the coordination of their acute care.  When multiple doctors in various specialties are engaged, we serve as the captain of the team, taking care to track the details of the case from all sources while also keeping a steady eye on the larger perspective of how those details influence each other, making adjustments, giving advice, and helping the patient understand how it all fits together.  Primary care medicine in its best form is challenging and time-consuming, and it requires building trusting relationships with our patients over the course of years, which we have found to be a deeply satisfying and validating experience for both our patients and our providers. In short, we take care of our patients for life, and it is an honor and a pleasure to do so.

We are currently accepting new patients.


If you believe the philosophy described above would be a good fit for what you are looking for in a primary care provider, call us today to inquire about scheduling a visit to see how we can help you.

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